Auto Repair

Can't Get to a Mechanic? Our Mechanic Will Come to You.

Can't Get to a Mechanic? Our Mechanic Will Come to You.

Depend on us for auto repairs in Clearwater, FL

Car problems are frustrating and inconvenient, especially if your car breaks down when you're nowhere near an auto repair shop. Thankfully, you can just call Y & K Towing for mobile mechanic services. We'll send out our certified mechanic to make repairs, or we can tow your car to our garage and fix it there.

Whether you're dealing with alternator, starter or muffler issues, you can count on us for top-notch auto repairs. If you're looking for a mechanic in Clearwater, FL or the surrounding area, call (772)538-6237 right away.

Car won't start? Engine making strange noises? Our mechanic can diagnose and fix the problem. Reach out to our auto repair specialist if:

  • Your car stalls
  • Your battery dies
  • Your vehicle is leaking fluids
  • Your warning lights come on
  • You're dealing with brake issues

You can expect our mechanic to arrive ASAP. We'll either fix the problem on-site or transport your vehicle to our auto repair shop. Contact us now to get fast, efficient repair services.